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Explorer Paradeep

Again Paradeep Municipality in its meeting dt. 22.08.07 vide resolution No. 6(Ka) has resolved that the major industries like IFFCO & I.O.C.L. have been established in the nearby areas of Paradeep and many major and medium Industries are going to be established.  Urbanisation is also increasing due to industrialisation.  It is now increasingly felt the that area of Paradeep Municipality needs to be expanded to include such upcoming urban areas and to provide basic urban amenities to the people living there.  This will solve the problems relating to increasing population and industrialisation.  So, a proposal to include 15 (fifteen) villages i.e.

1) Paradeep Garh,           2) Niharuni,                     3)  Niharuni Kandha,

4) Chouki Matha,             5) Udayabata,                 6)  Nimidiha,

7)  Kotakula,                   8)  Rangiagarh,                9) Nua Sandhakud,

10) Musadiha,                 11) Musadiha Jangle,        12) Boitarkuda,

13)  Kaudia,                    14) Aganasi,                  15) Nuagarh

Has been sent to Govt. in H. & U.D. Department vide letter no. 4242 dt. 11.10.07 & District Collector, Jagatsinghpur  for inclusion.

This Municipality is 94 K.M. from Cuttack & 125 K.M. from Bhubaneswar.